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Bizenfu teapot (400ml / 14.1oz)[081008]

Our Selling Price: 3,800Yen (tax excl.)

Rustic design

If you are looking for a rustic Japanese teapot, this will be it! The rustic appearance is created with the textured surface and the muted color. The naturally-designed handle adds an extra touch. There are few beige spots as modest accents on the lid and body. It has a removable tea strainer in a medium size body. It can be regarded as a useful family teapot.

  A tradition of quality

Produced in the Toki, Tajimi, Mizunami, and Kani regions of Gifu prefecture with a 1300-year history, Mino ware accounts for over 50 percent of Japanese ceramics now. As “the way of tea” gained popularity about 400 years ago, craftsmen in Mino began producing artistic tea utensils. Shino (white and textured), Kizeto (yellow ocher), Oribe (green pattern over light gray base) and Setoguro (black) are representative of these crafts. Now, 15 types of Mino ware are government-recognized traditional crafts of Japan.
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of Mino ware, with factories producing large numbers of these fine ceramics. A side variety of ceramics, including tableware, tiles, and tools are produced by inheriting the techniques of the past and being challenged to create new technologies for the future. Mino ware’s long history and high quality makes it a prime example of Japanese ceramics and an excellent addition to any collection.

Production regionMino (Gifu Japan)
Serving400ml (14.11oz)
Dimensions142*102*h180mm (5.59*4.02*h7.09in)
Weight292g (10.3oz)
Coating / GlazeBizenfu glaze