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Square paulownia plate (12cm / 4.7in)[080727]

Our Selling Price: 1,150Yen (tax excl.)

The balance of cool design and warm material

This is a simple plate with dignified color and rustic touch. It looks best on cold or light colors for summer coordination. For the winter, warm colors will emphasize the plate really well. This size of small plate is often used Japanese tea time. It is perfect for little sweets or snacks. You can also use it as any kind of tray. You can place a teapot or a small vase on it.

  Rustic ware

Kanazawa paulownia wares take advantage of wood material with traditional techniques. The dark stained color has been created by burning the surface. Paulownia is a soft and light wood. Even fingernails can make a mark on it, it is that soft. All the more reason why the soft, light wood and austere color produce the warm and rustic atmosphere. The wood grain and the matte surface help the natural appearance. Paulownia ware will surely give you a feeling of relief.

  Kanazawa paulownia craftwork

Kanazawa paulownia craftwork flourished in the castle town of Kanazawa since the Edo period. They used to make paulownia hibachi (brazier) with fine paulownia resources, excellent woodturning techniques, and beautiful gold-relief. There are some other paulownian craftwork production regions in Japan. However, Kanazawa paulownia craftwork is unique. It is not the usual white paulownia craft of Japan. The surface is burned and polished, and has a distinctive stained skin. The demand for hibachi as a heating appliance has been decreasing since the 1960’s with the fuel revolution. Many makers have closed their business since then. Certain makers who switched to produce daily necessities keep doing their business nowadays. Vases, table wares, and some other items are still being produced by taking advantages of distinctive traditional techniques.

Production regionKanazawa (Ishikawa Japan)
Dimensions120*120*h10mm (4.72*4.72*h0.39in)
Weight33g (1.16oz)
MaterialPaulownia wood
Coating / GlazeUrethane lacquer