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Item Description

Warped tripod glass by Mitsuhiro Hara (190ml/6.7oz)[080725]

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Irregular glints

The tripod and the warp of the sides and bottom create beautiful irregular reflections when a beverage is in the cup. The dazzle appears most when you look at it from a high angle, and also different glints can be enjoyed from different directions. This can be used for iced tea, but also for whisky or some other beverages. The lightly-warped glass will assist your relaxing moments.

  Artist of Flicker

Mitsuhiro Hara is a glass artist from Osaka. His works have beautiful natural warp and flowing designs which take full advantage of the quality of glass. The distinctive design is the charm of his works, and that can not be produced by any machine. Lightly warped wares bring comfort and coolness, and naturally assist your pleasant times.

Production regionOsaka Japan
Serving190ml (6.7oz)
Dimensions72*70*h81mm (28.35*27.56*h31.89in)
Weight155g (5.47oz)