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Ann large bamboo vase (19*h27cm / 7.5*h10.6in)[080705]

Our Selling Price: 13,900Yen
(tax included: 15,290Yen)

Subtlety with a full body

The straight lattice is created with 110 bamboo strings. It is beautiful and really quite impressive. Spaciously woven strings produce grace and dignity. This full-size vase is perfect to arrange flowers sumptuously. It can also be used simply to put a bouquet of flowers you have been given. It will burst with gorgeous flowers in the hallway to welcome your guests.

  Suruga bamboo lattice ware

One of the traditional handi-crafts of Shizuoka, “Suruga bamboo lattice ware”, is said to have its origin around 1620 when Shizuoka was called “Suruga”. The bamboo is cut along its grain and split into many strings. These strings are woven into trays, vases, lantern shades, bird cages, insect cages, etc. All of them show a specially delicate beauty in their curves and design. Shizuoka bamboo products were designated by The Ministry of Trade and Industry as Traditional Craft Products in 1976.

Production regionSuruga (Shizuoka Japan)
Dimensions190*190*h270mm (7.48*7.48*h10.63in)
Inner vase 90*90*h240mm (3.54*3.54*h9.45in)
Weight560g (19.75oz) (Inner vase included)
Inner vase : Porcelain
Coating / GlazeUrethane lacquer