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Natural cedar tray (42*32cm / 16.7*12.6in)[080707]

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The natural wood color

This tray is produced by a bentwood craft firm in Odate. The placemat takes full advantage of the natural wood color and texture. The wood grain was hammered out and is rough to the touch in the center of the tray. The frame is flat and smooth. The natural wood color makes it possible to create light and cool table settings. This dignified and natural tray is perfect for an upgrade to premium dinner and tea times.

  Nationally-recognized Traditional craft of Japan

Odate lies in Akita prefecture, well-known for its supply of cedar wood. The craft originates from the Edo period (17th century), and produces a vast array of containers and tableware from high-quality timber. Akita cedar is highly flexible, with a fine straight grain and scent. They are made by thinly shaving the cedars. Then, the shavings are boiled, bent, and tied up with bark cherry blossoms. The curves of the products, which make the grains more noticeable, truly define the art. Ten government-recognized Master Craftsmen practice this art in Odate, producing everything from rice tubs, water jugs, trays and bento boxes, to coffee cups and beer tankards.

Item Description
Production region:Odate (Akita Japan)
Dimensions:425x320xh12mm (16.73*12.6*h0.47in)
Weight:641g (22.61oz)
Coating / Glaze:Urethane lacquer
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Each item has its own woodgrain pattern and hue. The one you purchase is unique, and not exactly the same as shown in pictures.