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Tea scoop (Natural, 18cm / 7in)[80148]

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Tea scoop

 Tea scoop is used to transfer matcha, powdered tea from a tea container to a teabowl.  You measure the right amount of matcha by the number of scoops.  You use about 1.5 scoops for one serving of thin tea, and 3 scoops for thick tea.  Using tea scoop is vital to serve delicious tea.  Common traditional tea scoops have no-frills decorations, and project the beauty of simplicity only with the material features and shape.




Unique texture bamboo

Each of these tea scoops is given a unique bamboo gnarl on the middle of the shaft.  This is the most common type of tea scoop in Japan.  The tip of this product is rounded into a gentle edge. The uniqueness of the texture on the surface gives the teascoop a special character which is easy to become attached to.  The white color and the beautiful body arch strike an accomplished note. 




A town known for its talented craftsmen

Takayama in Nara prefecture is the biggest tea whisk producing center in Japan. They have a 500 year history of studying and practicing their craft. Takayama craftsmen are experienced in bamboo-working and have mastered producing these delicate bamboo crafts. Takayama tea whisks are the most highly-regarded tea whisks in Japan, and their production is one of the government-recognized traditional crafts of the country. 




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Item Description
Production region:Takayama (Nara Japan)
Dimensions:180*12*20mm (7.02*0.47*0.78in)
Weight:4g (0.14oz)
Note:The bamboo was dried and processed in Japan. If this is used in a much drier climate for a long time, there will be a chance of cracking.
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Each material has a different texture and the one you purchase is unique.