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Shin tea whisk (Natural)[80147]

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Tea whisk

There are many different types of tea whisk, varying in shape, material, and number of splines.  Tea whisks are specially made for making matcha.  They are the best tool to mix the powdered tea and hot water well in a tea bowl, and help you make delightful tea.  They cannot be substituted with any other items.




Urbane rounded splines

The tips of the splines are not curled like the common tea whisks.  The one we’re providing for you is the shin type.  The splines of shin tea whisks have a moderate curve with a straight tip.  It projects a much smarter, more elegant image than the ordinary types, and also lasts longer.  This product does not have a thick handle, so it's very easy to hold. This whisk will compliment any tea set with its sleek curves.







The differences of “made in Japan” and others

One of the major differences between Japanese and other tea whisks is the crafting method. In the process of whittling the spline tips, craftsmen tease off the tips by knife one by one in Japan. Overseas, however, they use files for the process. Using files is easier and faster, but leaves fine scratches on the surface of the tips. They make the whisk more fragile.  The other difference is safety. Preservative or mildew-proofing agents may be used for oversea whisks. In Japan, material bamboos are harvested in the winter and dried for over a year, and then tea whisks are made from them. Therefore, chemicals are not used.





A town known for its talented craftsmen

Takayama in Nara prefecture is the biggest tea whisk producing center in Japan. They have a 500 year history of studying and practicing their craft. Takayama craftsmen are experienced in bamboo-working and have mastered producing these delicate bamboo crafts. Takayama tea whisks are the most highly-regarded tea whisks in Japan, and their production is one of the government-recognized traditional crafts of the country. 



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Item Description
Production region:Takayama (Nara Japan)
Dimensions:55*55*h116mm (2.15*2.15*h4.52in)
Weight:10g (0.35oz)
Note:The bamboo was dried and processed in Japan. If this is used in a much drier climate for a long time, there will be a chance of cracking.
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