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Half-moon black Echizen lacqure plate[80206]

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Classic style with a glossy finish

Half-moon shapes are a classic style of Japanese wares. The shape is used for trays of sake or meals. The surface is resplendent with a profound glaze. The classic design and sleek coating produce a style full of fineness. Japanese cakes will look good on this plate, as well as western cakes. It will be fun to think of what goes well with this plate.

  Glorious black of urushi lacquer

The black is the representative color of urushi lacquer. The black is so profoundly deep that the lacquer’s name, urushi, is used to describe anything which is impossibly black in Japanese. The splendid black wares have a smart and slick appearance, and will compliment your urban life. You would be pleased with possessing a precious piece.

  Japan lacquer ware

Nowadays, Japanese lacquer ware is crafted from two types of materials and two types of lacquer. The materials are wood and synthetic resin. Wood ware insulates well, and is good for keeping soups and teas hot. It is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. Synthetic resin is stronger against changes in temperature and not easily deformed. It can be used in the refrigerator. It is heavier than wood ware and does not insulate as well. However, synthetic resin ware is usually cheaper than wood ware, so that it can be used casually. The two types of lacquer are urushi and urethane. Urushi is made from the sap of the Urushi tree. It is the best of natural lacquers. The urethane is a synthetic lacquer to imitate urushi. It is not as good as urushi in the touch and smoothness, even though it is tougher against light and heat, and cheaper.

  Echizen lacquer ware

Echizen is found in Fukui prefecture and is the home of this particular type of lacquer ware. Its history is believed to begin in the 6th century. The emperor at that time commissioned a lacquerer to re-coat his kanmuri, or formal headgear. In addition to re-coating the kanmuri, the lacquerer also presented the emperor a black lacquered bowl. The emperor was impressed with his work, and it is thought that this encouragement led to the establishment of Echizen lacquer as a special craft.
Several coats of lacquer are applied to each piece and left to harden naturally. Echizen pieces show no brush marks or blemishes, and are well-known for its smooth gloss and quality. Bowls, trays, and stacking boxes are the most common examples of this craft. Currently, the Japanese government recognizes 44 Master Craftsmen of this art.

Production regionEchizen (Fukui Japan)
Dimensions152*136*h8mm (5.93*5.3*h0.31in)
Weight95g (3.35oz)
MaterialWood/resin composite
Coating / GlazeBlack urushi lacquer