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White Hagi wave ippukuwan (290ml / 10.2oz)[190301]

Our Selling Price: 1,800Yen (tax excl.)
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You can find grains in the clay on the earthy, rough body. The beige glaze (called Hagi) coats the whole inside, and the outside is adorned with a wave design. This Hagiglaze is glossy and has floating color contrasts. A light brown hue appears around the glaze. It accentuates the wave design and creates the unique character. This cup can be a principal item in your tea setting with its distinctive presence. 


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Item Description
Production region:Mino (Gifu, Japan)
Serving:290ml (10.23oz)
Dimensions:100*100*h73mm (3.94*3.94*h2.87in)
Weight:258g (9.1oz)
Material:Potter's clay
Coating / Glaze:Hagi glaze
Note:To create Japanese potter ware taste, this cup uses clay and glaze that encourage uneven development. Therefore, the one you purchase is unique, and the hue and pattern are not exactly the same as shown in the pictures.
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