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Fukusa silk cloth, orange (28cm/11in)[140702]

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Fukusa silk cloth

The host uses fukusa cloth in the tea ceremony. It is used to purify the tea container and tea scoop before and after making tea, or you can use it to hold the hot kettle lid. You fold the fukusa neatly and gently wipe the implements. Those steps can show your great hospitality. The fukusa used in the tea ceremony is double-layered 27cm silk. Traditionally, men use purple one, and orange or red is for female.




Well-balanced thickness

The fukusa that we introduce is No.8. It is approximately 29 grams (1oz). Fukusa generally comes in different thickness of silk between No.5 (19g/0.7oz) and No.10 (38g/1.3)*. The thicker the silk gets, the more expensive it becomes. Inexpensive fukusa is usually thin or it is not even real silk. Thin fukusa makes it easy to pinch the kettle lid. However, it isn’t firm enough so it might be difficult to fold nicely. On the other hand, thick fukusa looks elegant with its volume, but you might need some experience to smoothly fold and hold it. No.8 has good thickness to fold easily and to look graceful in your hands. It is well-balanced and perfect for your first fukusa. *Some manufacturers‏ use a different number system.


You can see purifying implements with fukusa at 0:57 in this video.

There is a certain way to fold it. Refer to the following videos;

How to fold FUKUSA silk cloth http://youtu.be/kpIw1dvbcE8

How to purify NATSUME tea caddy http://youtu.be/i6VlPaRe7oc

How to purify CHASHAKU tea scoop http://youtu.be/-uX3xblTSek

Item Description
Production region:Kyoto Japan
Note:Don't wash or iron.
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