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Item Description

Golden-glazed tea bowl[140704]

Our Selling Price: 4,350Yen (tax excl.)
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To amuse your guests' eyes

It is not cool or wabi to arrange every implements as a leading item. You have to focus on one main item. This tea bowl has a distinct presence with many features to amuse your guests’ eyes. It has a protruding bottom and attractive warped opening rims. The most appealing feature is the glaze. Its dripping pattern on the body is beautiful which is unique on each piece. The pearl like glaze glows like gold. You can also see silver or blue hue in the mottled pattern. Its edges change into a profound hue. It’s interesting to have such distinctive bowl in your ceremony and it can be the center piece.

Item Description
Production region:Japan
Dimensions:125*125*h84mm / 4.8*4.8*h3.27in
Weight:376g / 13.26oz
Note:The one you purchase is unique, and the pattern and hue are not the same as shown in the pictures.
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