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Gyokuro Seiho 50g/1.7oz Box[140104]

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Gyokuro golden drop

Gyokuro is the height of luxury.  You savor dense dew of tea.  The flavor created with a dash of liquid amazingly fills your mouth like ripples spreading gently across water.  It provides an extra relaxation to your calm moment.




Gyokuro on handGolden drops of condensed umami

Is one cup enough to savor the tea?  You will be surprised with the little amount of tea served in an extra small cup.  Gyokuro is definitely not the tea to quench your thirst.  It is just a few drops of extract to relish its flavor.  It is the superb kind of green tea.  For
preparation, the water temperature should be much lower than other tea, and it should be brewed for a longer time.  With this brewing method, you can extract the amazing umami.






Gyokuro Seiho

Isn’t it difficult to look for the gyokuro that satisfies you?

Gyokuro has a distinct flavor.  It is fantastic to experience that the special savor fills your mouth and you appreciate the fineness.  However, the gyokuro flavor can be tricky.  It could be sometimes too woody with soily note and you might find it unpleasant.  It is the difficult part on looking for your favorite gyokuro.  Seiho does not have such unwilling flavor.  It is elegantly smooth and you can enjoy pure aroma of gyokuro

Seiho infuses relatively fast.  It means that umami doesn’t last for several brewing.  You can enjoy its umami at its best up to three brewing process.  In return, the first brew of umami comes out extraordinary.  Experience the smoothness and brilliance.





Item Description
Ingredients:Green tea
Production region:Aichi, Japan
Weight:50g /1.76oz
Note:We are not able to export TEA to the following countries: China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and countries in the Middle East
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