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Matcha Shosen 40g/1.4oz Can[140101]

Our Selling Price: 2,400Yen (tax excl.)

matcha with sweets

Matcha has outstanding richness that you can't enjoy with other tea.  It can withstand the sweet flavor.  The sweetness of confectionery and the bitterness of matcha enhance each other and create an exquisite harmony.




tea ceremony

Rich thick pleasure with the essence of green tea

Matcha is the tea used in the tea ceremony.  This tea is different from other types of green tea.  It is prepared by mixing powdered tea with hot water, instead of using a teapot.  You actually consume the tea leaf itself.  When brewed, it becomes murky and light green.  You can find a bit of foam on its surface.  Matcha has a rich and profound green-tea flavor.






Matcha ShosenIf you don't like strong umami then this is not for you.

Shosen is matcha like a house wine at a restaurant.  It’s never too expensive and it has a decent quality that you can proudly serve to your guests.  It can be a staple tea that you'll always want to have on your shelf. 

The significant allure of Shosen is rich umami.  You can tell it by the sweet aroma like chestnuts.  This tea is definitely different from some matcha with only grassy bitterness.  Shosen has bitter taste, too, but it is not harsh at all.  It beautifully merges into the umami and creates a depth behind the pleasurable sweet note.  In the same price range, it will be difficult to find the matcha with such delight umami.





Item Description
Ingredients:Green tea
Production region:Aichi, Japan
Weight:40g /1.41oz
Note:We are not able to export TEA to the following countries: China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and countries in the Middle East
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It comes in two pouch of 20g/0.7oz to maintain freshness.