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Item Description

Small stainless saucer (8.5cm/3.3in)[130702]

Our Selling Price: 1,100Yen (tax excl.)
Quantity:  piece

This is a saucer for small tea cups. Small cups are usually light in weight. The saucers made with a heavy material will provide stability and are appreciated for small cups. The surface is matte (brushed steel) finished.





The diameter is 85mm/3.3in.  The size of the inner surface that holds the cup is 33 mm/1.3in.








The cups with the dimensions of Dia.50×H57mm and Dia.68×H39mm look good with this saucer.  However, Dia. 66×H53mm cup looks too big.  You cannot simply determine the right size cup just with numbers.  The proportion is important.  Only as a rough guide, the ideal dimensions of the cup will be 50-65mm diameter and 40-55mm height.


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Item Description
Production region:Nigata Japan
Dimensions:85*85*h14mm / 3.35*3.35*h0.55in (surface to hold the cup: 33mm/1.3in)
Weight:47g / 1.66oz
Ware information:Cups are not included.
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