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Item Description

Kiriaiguchi black chu-natsume (wooden box)[110701]

Our Selling Price: 23,000Yen (tax excl.)
Quantity:  piece

Tea container

There are many types of tea container in materials and shapes.  Ceramic tea containers are usually preferred for koicha, thick tea, and wooden ones are used for usucha, thin tea.  In the ceremony, guests often ask for a chance to take a look at the container.  Your aesthetics will be tested by the tea container that you arrange.



The presence of a jewel

Natsumes are a popular type of container for thin tea.  The design is streamlined and accomplished.  The one we present here is chu-natsume.  Chu-natsume is the most basic natsume in size and form.  We dare to offer the solid black natsume with no decorations, which is considered the most formal natsume.  This is because we would like you to enjoy the beauty of the deep black hand-painted lacquer.  The solid black piece like a jewel makes your matcha set stylish and modern.






 The most significant feature of this chu-natuse is kiriaiguchi.  Kiriaiguchi natsume has the fine and unnoticeable borderline of the lid and body.   It is an elaborated craft that the lid and body are carved out from the same piece of wood.  From the distance, the borderline is assimilated into the deep black, and the container looks like one sleek object.




Japanese Lacquer ware 

Wooden ware coated urushi lacquer is a traditional craft of Japan.   Urushi is made from the sap of the urushi tree.  It is the best among natural lacquers.  Nowadays, synthetic resin for body material and urethane for lacquer can be used to imitate urushi lacquer wares.  They are usually reasonable and appreciated for casual use.



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Item Description
Production region:Echizen (Fukui Japan)
Dimensions:68*68*h69mm /2.68*2.68*H2.72in
Weight:46g / 1.62oz
Coating / Glaze:Black urushi lacquer
Note:There might be a chance of deforming or cracking when used in a very dry environment for a long time.
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It comes in a wooden box.

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