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Bluish-white porcelain ippukuwan (170ml / 6oz)[120503]

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Ippukuwan, Japanese mug 

Ippukuwan look like sencha-cups, but they are generally larger.  This kind of cup is a new style, and they do not even have a certain name.  They are sometimes called “ippukuwan” or “tappuriwan”.  They will be much appreciated when you want to have a little longer break with a plenty of tea.  They are totally as useful as like mug cups!


Cute but cool  

If you don't want common earthy ippukuwan, this is it!  This ippukuwan is made of porcelain which has a refined look.  But, this is never too sharp unlike ordinary porcelain wares.  This product has gentle roundness like a balloon.  Moreover, the lovable warped opening breaks the solidity of porcelain.  It's cool but cute.  Here is a new option for you other than pottery ippukuwan.  



This product is almost white at first glance.  But if you take a look at it carefully, you can see that it is slightly bluish.




Seto ware

Seto in Aichi prefecture is located at the central part of Japan.  This production region is counted as one of the six ancient kilns.  It is said that Seto is the place where the first Japanese domestic tea bowls were produced.  Seto-mono, Seto ware became so popular in history that the term is often used for ceramics in general.  Now, tea wares and daily table wares are still produced in Seto.



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Item Description
Production region:Seto (Aichi, Japan)
Serving:170ml / 6oz (Max 350ml /12.35oz)
Dimensions:98*98*h80mm / 3.86*3.86*h3.15in
Weight:201g / 7.09oz
Coating / Glaze:Bluish white
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