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Bluish-white porcelain sencha cup (70ml / 2.5oz)[120502]

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For winsome home café 

What are the conditions of the tea wares used at fancy Japanese cafes?  If you know the answer, you can make your dining room like a modern Japanese tea house.   We think that one of the answers is CUTENESS.  Take a look at this cup, for example.  It is stylishly flabby, and has distorted rims.  It may be far from perfect beauty, but these aspects create its “cuteness”.  If you use this cup with the teapot from the same series, you can defiantly have a charming home café.



This product is almost white at first glance.  But if you take a look at it carefully, you can see that it is slightly bluish.




Seto ware

Seto in Aichi prefecture is located at the central part of Japan.  This production region is counted as one of the six ancient kilns.  It is said that Seto is the place where the first Japanese domestic tea bowls were produced.  Seto-mono, Seto ware became so popular in history that the term is often used for ceramics in general.  Now, tea wares and daily table wares are still produced in Seto.



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Item Description
Production region:Seto (Aichi, Japan)
Serving:70ml / 2.47oz (Max 150ml /5.29oz)
Dimensions:74*74*h60mm / 2.91*2.91*h2.36in
Weight:105g / 3.7oz
Coating / Glaze:Bluish white
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