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Chakin linen cloth (30*15cm / 12*6in)[120302]

Our Selling Price: 900Yen (tax excl.)
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Cloth to wipe the tea bowl

Chakin is a small linen cloth to wipe the tea bowl in tea ceremonies.  At the preparation room, damp chakin is nicely folded and placed in a tea bowl which is taken into the tea room.  The tea bowl is warmed and rinsed with hot water before preparing each serving.  After discarding the hot water, you wipe the tea bowl with chakin.  Then, the tea bowl is ready for you to put matcha in it.  When you prepare matcha even at home, it is very useful to have a linen cloth.    



Bamboo stitche

This is a high grade product.  As opposed to ordinary products with easy spiral stitches, the edge of this linen cloth is nicely finished by whip stitching reflecting a bamboo shape.








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Item Description
Production region:Nara, Japan
Dimensions:303*152mm / 11.93*5.98in
Weight:8g / 0.28oz
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