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Matcha sifter[120301]

Our Selling Price: 5,700Yen (tax excl.)
Quantity:  sets

 Ahieving Better Taste by Sifting

Don’t you sometimes find an unpleasant taste in the home stored matcha, which you do not find in a brand new one from shops?   You can make the taste better by sifting it, and also prevent lumps in the prepared tea.

Sifted matcha powder gets more volume without any lumps and looks fluffy.  When prepared, the sifted tea has finer foams.   And the most significant difference will be the flavor.  Sifting can definitely improve the taste!  You can reduce the unpleasant taste from storing.  In non-sifted tea, lumps sometimes remain at the bottom of the tea bowl after drinking.  The sifter will relieve you from the problem.   



Prepare tea before guests come

At tea ceremonies, matcha sifters are not used in the tea room.  They are used in a preparation room before the ceremony begins.   Tea is sifted and transferred into a tea container.  Then, it is ready for the ceremony.





This sifter has a basket-type mesh.  It helps in much faster sifting than flat mesh type. 







This set includes a spatula, and funnel that help easy transfer.






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Item Description
Production region:Nigata, Japan
Dimensions:Can: 87*87*h83mm / 3.43*3.43*H3.27in, Spatula: 157mm / 6.18in
Weight:Can: 230g / 8.11oz, Spatual: 7g / 0.25oz
Material:Can: Stainless-steel, Spatual: Bamboo, Funnel: plastic
Note:Put matcha on half of the mesh basket or less. Move the spatula in a circular motion while keeping it standing. Scratch the mesh to make a little sound, which shakes the mesh and helps for easy sifting.
Other Photos
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In transferring matcha, use “A” as a funnel for a tea container with small opening,
and use “A+B” for one with a wider opening.
You can measure 3.4g of matcha, with “C” which is just a portion of one serving of koicha, thick tea.