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Oil spotted Tenmoku teabowl by Teichi (in a wooden box)[120201]

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Tenmoku tea bowl

It is said that the history of tea bowls in Japan started from tenmoku tea bowl. It is an iron-black glazed tea bowl originating from China and imported to Japan around Kamakura period (1185-1333). It became highly valued and began to be produced in Japan as well. The inverted cone figure with a groove along the opening rim is recognized as tenmoku shape in Japan. In The Way of Tea, there is even a special tea ceremony to appreciate the tenmoku tea bowl. The bowl is respectfully and gently treated and served on a saucer. Tenmoku is also used to serve tea for VIPs. 





Galaxies in your hands

The outstanding charisma of this tenmoku tea bowl is the beautiful glaze pattern, which is referred to as yuteki, oil spot. The stunning glossy spotted pattern in the black glaze is reminiscent of luminous galaxies in the dark space. You can hold the little universe in your hands and drink the green pleasure out of it. The shiny rim is a classy accent and tightens up the entire design in balance.





Potter: Teichi Oketani

He was born and studied ceramics in Kyoto. He learned pottery from his father, Teichi I. His iron glaze works are superb. He has earned many awards all throughout his pottery career. He produces tenmoku tea bowls and tea containers from Kyoto.



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Item Description
Production region:Kyoto, Japan
Dimensions:131*131*h69mm / 5.16*5.16*h2.72in
Weight:275g / 9.7oz
Material:Potter's clay
Note:This is a handmade product. Therefore, the one you purchase is unique, and the hue and pattern are not the same as shown in the pictures.
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An exemplar of uniqueness