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Kuromoji chopsticks for sweets (21cm/8.4in)[120111]

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Chopsticks for sweets

When sweets for all guests are served on a big bowl or plate in a tea ceremony, one set of chopsticks usually comes with it.  Guests use the chopsticks to take the confection from the bowl to their individual plates or kaishi-papers.  You return the chopsticks to the bowl and pass them to the next guest. 







Rude material chopsticks 

These are special chopsticks for sweets used in tea ceremonies, not for meals.  Kromoji or Spicewood is commonly used for them.  You soak them in water before using to enhance its hue and aroma.  Moisturizing also helps the confectionary to not stick on them.  They can only be applied to some minimum processes, so they are almost rude material.  The natural looks create a totally different aura from ordinary chopsticks and fit the philosophy of “The Way of Tea”.  



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Item Description
Production region:Kyoto, Japan
Dimensions:21.3cm /8.39in
Weight:11g / 0.39oz
Note:With the nature of the material, it will be distorted when it gets too dry. You can fix it by hand after soaking in water about 10 minutes.
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