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Item Description

Small white crease cup (30ml/1.1oz)[120109]

Our Selling Price: 750Yen (tax excl.)
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Modest irregular pattern

At a glance, this may seem to be just a small white plain cup, but actually it has a modest crease design on the surface.  It is not too blatant.  When the cup is illuminated from the side, the pattern will appear the most obvious.  It is not an even stripe pattern.  We, Japanese find beauty in incomplete things, which is why this irregular crease will fit the sense of Japanese beauty. 











Small sencha cup

The small amount of tea will make your senses feel more sensitive about the taste.  When you want to enjoy premium teas, this size of cup will be most useful.  Brew your exquisite kind with small amount of water, and savor the drops of tea extracts.  You might find a new appeal from your tea.   It would also be pleasant to have a party with some different kinds of tea and enjoy tasting small amount of each.  This is smaller than regular sencha cup and bigger than gyokuro cup.





Mino ware 

Produced in the Toki, Tajimi, Mizunami, and Kani regions of Gifu prefecture with a 1300-year history, Mino ware accounts for over 50 percent of Japanese ceramics now.  As The Way of Tea gained popularity about 400 years ago, craftsmen in Mino began producing artistic tea utensils.  Shino (white and textured), Kizeto (yellow ocher), Oribe (green pattern over light gray base) and Setoguro (black) are representative of these crafts.  Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of Mino ware, with factories producing large numbers of these fine ceramics.  




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Item Description
Production region:Mino (Gifu, Japan)
Serving:30ml / 1.1oz (Max65ml / 2.29oz)
Dimensions:67*67*h39mm / 2.64*2.64*h1.54in
Weight:60g / 2.12oz
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