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Item Description

Natural cedar tea tray (26*18cm / 10.2*7.1in)[120108]

Our Selling Price: 3,330Yen (tax excl.)


Are you satisfied with your tea setting?

You might love your teapots and cups but some of you may feel that your tea setting is not totally attractive.  Please let us introduce a small tray for your tea setting.  Let’s take a look how it can help you.  


Secret for its elegance

What makes this try so elegant?  Yes, its modern design is one of the reasons.  Another reason could be the beautiful natural color of cedar.  But, don’t you think that it is still something different from ordinary wooden trays?  Yes, this tray has straight grain wooden pattern.  The textual design at the center takes full advantage of the straight grain.  It makes this tray so graceful.  Everyone’s Tea loves and recommends a combination of this tray and white porcelain wares.  Clearness of porcelain and natural wooden color create the most tasteful tea setting.  Just imagine how nice your tea wares look on this beautiful straight grain.






Small tray for tea

This type of small trays is very diverse in its usage, which can infinitely exist as a result of your creative ideas.  It will support your tea activities in various occasions. 







This is a tea tray to upgrade your tea setting

Just adding this wooden tray makes your tea setting upscale.  Your tea wares will look brilliant like spot-lighted museum pieces in a show case.  We are sure that they will attract people’s attention.   The graceful straight grain will help your stylish tea setting in various occasions. 



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Item Description
Production region:Odate (Akita, Japan)
Dimensions:260*180*h8mm / 10.24*7.09*h0.31in
Weight:150g / 5.29oz
Coating / Glaze:Urethane lacquer
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