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Chago tea plate (12.7cm / 5in)[120106]

Our Selling Price: 1,260Yen (tax excl.)


A little ingenuity for a delight with your guests

Each one of us would always want to treat our guests with utmost hospitality.  Here are a few suggestions on how to make your guests feel at home with Japanese tea.  Show the dry leaves to your guests before preparing.  People can appreciate not only the brewed tea but also the leaves.  Observing and smelling them will enhance anticipation.  For example, you can enjoy different types of tea at a tea gathering and display them on small trays. They will stimulate the conversations; another instance is that you can serve the dry leaves on a small plate in an individual tea set for each guest and let them prepare their own tea.  Your guest will surelly experience an unforgettable tea time with you.  


Tea scoop or tea plate?

A unique chago tray can be an alternative for showing green beauties.  Chago is a type of tea scoop.  We flattened the bottom of a chago and introduce it as a small tea plate.  When you transfer the leaves into a teapot, it is very practical because the figure is originally a tea scoop.  And also, it less likely damages the teapot even if it hits the teapot because of its material.  Thus, this tea plate utilizes the full advantage of the shape and material of bamboo.  By having this plate in your tea set, you will be attuned to Japanese idea of appreciating nature and taking nature into your life. 








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Item Description
Production region:Osaka, Japan
Serving:The amount of tea leaves shown on this page is about 5g.
Dimensions:127*48*h22mm / 5*1.89*H0.87in
Weight:48g / 1.69oz
Coating / Glaze:Vegetable oil
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