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Item Description

Copper tea caddy (100g/3.5oz)[90304]

Our Selling Price: 4,300Yen (tax excl.)
Quantity:  pcs


The ripple pattern

This is just a simple Japanese tea caddy but has a mysterious allure.  The appeal is the subdued color and the rhythmical dent pattern.  The pattern appears in dull luster, which reminds us of ripples on a lake in a calm forest.  Do you prefer a refined look but do not want too much presence for tea caddy?  Well, this product is perfect for you!  It will calmly accompany your tea set.  This can hold about 100g/3.5oz of tea.  


Nigata metal work

Nigata prefecture is one of the biggest metal-working industrial centers in Japan. This industry originates from producing nails in the Edo period (1603-867). The metalworking techniques have evolved through many times and transitions. Metal table-ware and household-ware production flourished in the twentieth century. Nowadays, a wide variety of products such as automotive parts, medical instruments, and architectural hardware are produced in Nigata. 











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Item Description
Production region:Nigata, Japan
Serving:It can hold about 100g / 3.53oz tea leaves
Dimensions:73*73*h105mm / 2.87*2.87*h4.13in
Weight:202g / 7.13oz
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