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How to make matcha (powdered green tea) (Fun!!)

-Japanese tea culture-


We will show you how to make matcha (powdered green tea) here.

Matcha is made by mixing matcha powder in hot water with a tea whisk.

Doesn’t that sound fun?
You can have a whole new experience of tea culture. This is “the way of tea” in Japan. People enjoy it in formal tea ceremonies, but also casually at home. We will explain the casual matcha style. Enjoy!

Matcha (1 serving)
Matcha is usually made and served in individual bowls.
1. Pour boiling water (60ml) in an extra cup to cool it down.
2. Put one scoop of matcha powder (2g) into a tea bowl.
To prevent matcha from lumping use a tea strainer to sift it.
3. Pour the hot water from the cup into the tea bowl.
About 80 degree Celsius (175 degrees F) water is good for matcha.
4. Mix the hot water and matcha powder with a tea whisk.
Hold the tea bowl with your left hand and with your right hand move the tea whisk back and forth, not in a circle. Stir lightly but fast. The movement should be similar to beating an egg. It will probably take about 30 seconds of whisking.
5. Enjoy matcha with your favorite sweets!!
Many people enjoy matcha with Japanese cakes. You can also try chocolate and other sweets.
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