Tea sets and culture from Japan
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Everyone’s Tea-style
Japanese tea free workshop
Japanese tea
Japanese tea
Japanese tea

Japanese tea culture

- To the people who want to take up Japanese tea-

You don’t need any special utensils.
Let’s start making easy Japanese-style tea today!!
Types of green tea
How to brew green tea (Easy!!)
How to make matcha (powdered green tea) (Fun!!)
Five tips for brewing delicious green tea!
Let's take up Japanese tea


Japanese tea wares

- How to choose right Japanese tea wares and utensils-

Just knowing the basic information of Japanese tea utensils
helps you to explore the Japanese tea world more.
Tea cup
Essential utensils for matcha (powdered green tea)

Japanese-style tea

- How to enjoy Japanese tea-

Japanese tea will be a usual event at your family gathering!
Enjoying Japanese tea everyday
Japanese tea with your friends
Serving matcha (powdered green tea) at your home party

Japanese tea setting

- Japanese tea setting gallery-

Develop a sense of Japanese tea setting!
Everyone's Tea-style setting
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