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About Everyone’s Tea

Everyone's Tea is an online shop for providing authentic Japanese tea wares and culture to the world! We do not have brick-and-mortar shops. Our office is located in Seto, Aichi Japan.

We want bring more precious times to your life though Japanese tea.

Our concept is that everybody in the world can enjoy Japanese tea culture casually. We believe a little bit of Japanese culture adds unique variety to your life. Japanese tea exists in a world of rustic elegance and quiet simplicity. Experiencing Japanese tea enhances relaxing moments on your own and pleasant times with significant others. We hope Japanese tea will become a part of your daily life!

4-563 Shinano-cho
Seto-shi, Aichi
480-1207 Japan

Email: info@everyonestea.com

Office hours:
Mon. – Fri 9:00 – 17:00 (Japan time)
We are closed on Sat. and Sun.
Orders and emails are not processed on these days.

About me and what Japanese tea means to me

Hi, I’m Kohei Yamamoto, manager of the store.
I have lived in the United States for three years. I loved diet Ginger ale and Pringles, sit-coms, Taco-Bell, my VW bus, and cafe latte. We have some of these products in Japan and there are also many that we do not have. In the U.S. there are a lot of good coffee shops. I think they form an important part of American culture. Each country has a great culture of tea & coffee drinking. We Japanese also have our own tea style. I’d like to introduce it to the world.

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You might not enjoy the tastes of green tea the first time…

I do not think it’s that bad. I am not just talking about the tastes of tea. Do you remember the first time you drank beer? Did it taste good? Not many people enjoy the taste of beer at first, but somehow beer might become your favorite drink at some point. I think it can happen with Japanese tea. You may or may not like the tastes of green tea in the beginning, but you will enjoy the time spent with friends or family experiencing exotic tea culture. You will meet the charm and allure of Japanese tea, and will love it. Try and find this new world!

I was so excited when I was in a Japanese tea room for the first time.
Soon I was drawn into the world of rustic elegance and quiet simplicity.

When I was a college student, I started taking the Way of Tea lessons. Before, I had been drinking green teas daily. But, the Way of Tea was different. At the first lesson, my master served matcha (powdered green tea) for me in the tea room. I sat on tatami mats and watched her preparing the tea quietly. Her movement was smart and smooth. The environment was rustic and simple. The behavior was quiet and elegant. It was so comfortable, and I enjoyed not only the taste of tea, but also the whole experience in the distinctive aura that filled the room. I began to discover spirits of natural beauty and soothing power in this tea world. I hope many people will experience this remarkable world.

Don’t you think it is difficult to find well-designed Japanese teapots and cups/?

I was born and raised in Seto, Japan which is well-known for ceramics. There are many porcelain shops and some pottery festivals in the town, and also my father worked in the industry. I guess I had more opportunities to see ceramics than other people. Even so, it was difficult to find the tea set that I really liked. If you look for a Japanese teapot, it is often old-fashioned. I have been looking for simple modern Japanese tea utensils.
One day, I found a teapot I really loved.
I rushed home, and brewed tea with the teapot. “Great, perfect!” I thought. Somehow, I felt the regular tea tasted better with the teapot. The teapot made me want to bring friends home for tea. I usually store teapots in the cupboard, but I placed this teapot on the kitchen counter. Since then, I started drinking green tea more often.
I also looked for tea cups and saucers that went with the teapot. I thought contemporary-looking cups and saucers would be good. However, the ones I found were the classic Japanese saucers. I was captivated by the deep beautiful black of Japanese lacquer wears. The black is so beautiful, and can still be stylish and accentuate cups. They are traditional crafts of Japan, handmade with great care by craftsmen. Even though they were a little expensive, I was very happy to find high quality saucers.

I wanted to present modern and classic Japanese tea sets like these, to make your tea time better and make you want to include your friends. We at Everyone’s Tea would like to help make your life a little happier by providing well-designed tea utensils and Japanese tea information!

Thank you for visiting our shop.
We always do our best to satisfy your taste in tea.

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