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Item Description

Wab-Iki black-yohen round teapot by Yokei (280ml / 9.9oz)[120105]

Our Selling Price: 17,000Yen (tax excl.)


Do I really need to be baked for twice?

Sorry, we wanted to make you as a definitive teapot for experienced tea lovers.   We think that yohen which is one-of-a-kind pattern is essential for this definitive teapot.  Therefore, we needed to get you baked twice to dress you up with the elegant black yohen.  Allow us to explain to your potential lords and masters (the readers) three points in order for you to be considered as a definitive teapot in the eyes of an experienced enthusiast, as follows: 


Basic features to brew delicious tea 

Everyone’s Tea dwells on the material of teapot and the type of strainer.  Non-glazed teapot, such as yakishime or red clay, can brew better tasting tea than glass, aluminum or porcelain teapots.  *In a survey with about 2000 respondents, 85% of the respondents opined that the tea prepared with a non-glazed teapot is delicious.  Mounted strainers give a larger space for tea leaves to swell up and brew better than basket-type strainer for teapots.  Some sensitive people can taste metallic flavor in the tea brewed with a metal strainer.  We believe non-glazed teapots with mounted ceramic strainer are better than other types considering the taste.

*Salon No.37, Japanese Tea Instructor Association, 2011


Artistic black-yohen appealing to experienced tea lovers

Discoloration of ceramic ware, yohen refers to the unexpected colors and patterns naturally created when ceramics are baked in a kiln.  It results from composite factors like fire condition, ash, or clay substances.  At the first baking, the teapot turns into red.  Furthermore, baking it with half-covering rice husks for the second time transforms the surface color into black and creates a one-of-a-kind pattern.  This black yohen ware is a modern attribute borne out of traditional techniques.  Yohen is created by the extraordinary craftsmanship and miraculous chemical reactions.  That is the reason why yohen is so appealing and suitable for experienced tea aficionado.



The most versatile in size

The serving of this teapot is 280ml (9.9oz), which is about 3-4 serving in regular sencha cups.  It will be appreciated when you have guests.  Your guests will be delighted by exotic tea served with beautiful teapot.  This size of teapot is also recommended for daily use.  You can prepare plenty for your mug at your meals or at break time in your work.  The size is the most versatile.  This is why many experienced tea enthusiasts want at least one in their collection.  This can be your definitive piece.


Definitive teapot for experienced tea lover

The basic features to brew delicious tea, its black yohen and versatile size are just three of the many reasons why we can consider this as a definitive teapot for experienced tea aficionado.  There sure is inevitability for this teapot to be baked twice.  It is not for its usability but for the artistic beauty.  This product is Everyone’s Tea original, made by a skilled Tokoname potter.  



Wabi-Iki, "侘粋"; Everyone’s Tea original design

Wabi-Iki is Everyone’s Tea original brand. It is the design with beauty of simplicity and sophistication.  Wabi-"侘" is the exquisite beauty, discovered and appreciated in simplicity and calmness.  Iki-"粋" means stylish temperament, attitude, or appearance in Japanese.  Everyone’s Tea wants to produce refined Japanese tea wares naturally fitting to modern life.  That is Wabi-Iki.



Tokoname ware

Tokoname wares are ceramics produced in the Chita, Handa and Tokoname areas in Aichi prefecture. Recognized as one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, the origin of Tokoname ware dates back to the making of bowls, plates and urns at the end of the Heian period (794-1185).  Red clay teapots were first produced by emulating Chinese wares. Teapots became the representative products of Tokoname in time.  Size of the opening, shape of the spout, and mounted angle of the handle are calculated and optimally-designed for perfect use. Tokoname fine-grained clay teapots with no glaze absorb tea lye and other elements.  Therefore, you can truly enjoy the true flavor of tea with a Tokoname teapot. 


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Item Description
Production region:Tokoname (Aichi, Japan)
Serving:280ml / 9.88oz (Max 330ml /11.64oz)
Dimensions:136*114*h94mm / 5.35*4.49*h3.7in
Weight:139g / 4.9oz
Material:Potter's clay
Note:This is a handmade yohen teapot. Therefore, the one you purchase is unique, and the hue and pattern are not the same as shown in the pictures.
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It comes in a wooden box.
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An exemplar of uniqueness
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Wabi-Iki Engraving