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Item Description

Wabi-Iki thin gyokuro cup (15ml/0.5oz)[120103]

Our Selling Price: 1,490Yen (tax excl.)

This price is for one piece


Are you satisfied with the design of tea cups?

We, as a tea-ware retailer find it difficult to look for well-designed cups.  We want simply designed modern cups in white.  White is the color that can beautifully reflect the natural hue of tea.  We also seek the atmosphere that can fit well together with pottery teapots.  We ended up making our own personalized design for the cups.




Fascinate your guests with tea

In tea ceremonies, we do not only enjoy the taste of tea but also all the other elements.  Utensils are one of them.  You can fascinate your guests by tea wares.  We pursued an extreme sophistication in the design of cups for that reason.  Thinness was our answer.  We got the opening rim super thin which created the novel and refined image.  Your guests will surely be astonished with it.  The thinness provides another benefit.  It is the “Air touch”.   When you are drinking tea, the thin rim gives a very light touch unto your lips.  Your guests will have a whole new experience with this cup.  The simple form with the small bottom perfects its design.




Composed atmosphere to match with pottery teapots

Don’t you think white porcelain cups are sometimes too shiny to accompany a pottery teapot?   We vested the outside of the cup with a bisque-finished (non-glazed) and sanded covering.  Therefore, the texture is matte but smooth.  Taking out the luster will have the cup accorded with pottery or yakishime teapots.  The silky surface is comfortable on your hands and lips.  The contrast against the glazed inside is classy and adds a charming accent on a simply designed cup.




Stable in balance by thick bottom

It has a low-weight center because the wall gets gradually thicker towards the bottom.  Therefore, it is more stable in balance than it looks.


Hidden stand for easy holding

Some contemporary cups do not have a stand at the bottom.  But, this cup has a hidden raise, so it does not get too hot and it helps in easy holding.  


White is the best color for a tea cup

One of the most important functions of cups is to make the tea look delicious.  White is the best color to reflect the natural hue of tea. 





Gyokuro specialized cup

This is an extra small cup for gyokuro.  It can hold about 15ml/0.5oz for practical usage but it has a maximum capacity of 34ml/1.2oz.  Having the right size cup can be convenient for measuring water amount and also make it easier in controlling water temperature.  The details are elaborately designed but the overall form is very simple.  This simply designed cup will go along well with any gyokuro teapots thus you can take a full advantage of your teapot collection.  





Wab-Iki, "侘粋"; Everyone's Tea original design

Wabi-Iki is Everyone's Tea original brand.  It is the design with beauty of simplicity and sophistication.  Wabi-""is the exquisite beauty, discovered and appreciated in simplicity and calmness.  Iki-"" means stylish temperament, attitude, or appearance in Japanese.  Everyone’s Tea wants to produce refined Japanese tea wares naturally fitting to modern life.  That is Wabi-Iki.



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Item Description
Production region:Seto (Aichi, Japan)
Serving:15ml /0.53oz (Max34ml/1.2oz)
Dimensions:44*44*h45mm / 1.73*1.73*h1.77in
Weight:29g / 1.02oz
Coating / Glaze:Outside: Non-glazed, Inside: Clear glaze
Note:This product is thin. Please TREAT WITH CARE and avoid using a dishwasher. Since the outside is not glazed, you might find some small dents or lumps on the surface, which can be nature of this product.
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