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Small black streaked teapot by Shoryu (180ml/6.4oz)[110201]

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Light and small features for ease of use

This kind of teapot obtains a rounded silhouette of classical Japanese teapot. It is clad in a streaked pattern which gives an accent to the over-all design. Despite the heavy, profound and subdued shade of clay, the actual weight is lighter than it seems. You will appreciate it every time you try to hold it. The lightness makes it easier to use. A delicate craftsmanship is required to make a light-weighted teapot. The small teapot produced by the concrete artistry to the details is excellent for the first teapot of newcomers, as well as for experienced.

  Small-sized teapot

This size of teapot is good to prepare two servings; which is perfect for both individuals and couples. It is well-appreciated to brew high quality tea as well. This kind of tea is usually prepared with small amounts of water. A small teapot is easy to handle and you will not feel much stress dealing with it. It can be your most frequently-used teapot. This small teapot is both handy and nimble thus it works at any location. You can perhaps keep it on your kitchen counter; or use it beside your computer on the desk; or take it to your bedroom. The small teapot also fits contemporary lifestyle. It may be likened to a mover or a shaker thereby making your tea life more delightful.

  Fine mesh ceramic strainer

These mounted strainers allow tea leaves to expand well by giving them space when brewing, and help to ensure maximum flavor and aroma of green tea. This strainer has a finer mesh then regular type. This is also good for those who want to enjoy fukamushi (deep-steamed) sencha but do not like metal strainers.

  Teapot artist: Shoryu

Shoryu is one of the government-recognized traditional craftsmen of Tokoname ware. He deserves many awards for his over 30 long year career. He has taken exertions to make light-weight teapots by shaping thin walls, which is supported by his skilled craftsmanship. You will appreciate the great care he spent to make user friendly teapots.

  Tokoname ware

Tokoname wares are ceramics produced in the Chita, Handa and Tokoname areas in Aichi prefecture. Various kinds of items are produced there, such as vases, ornaments, decorative plant pots, bonsai trays, and an assortment of jars and larger pots. Recognized as one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, the origin of Tokoname ware dates back to the making of bowls, plates and urns at the end of the Heian period (794-1185). It was the largest production center of the six ancient kilns at this time. The most prized tea ceremony pieces and teapots started to be produced at the end of Edo period (1603-1867). Red clay teapots first were produced by emulating chinese wares. Teapots became the representative products of Tokoname in time. They were loved by the elite with the fashion of sencha from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period (1868-1912). Some teapots made by master craftsmen became highly regarded with spectacular techniques. Size of the opening, shape of the spout, and mounted angle of the handle are calculated and optimally-designed for perfect use. Tokoname fine-grained clay teapots with no glaze absorb tea lye and other elements, and also brew tea well thanks to their fine-fits lid and body design. Therefore, you can truly enjoy the true flavor of tea with a Tokoname teapot.

Production regionTokoname (Aichi Japan)
Serving180ml (6.4oz)
Dimensions134*113*h76mm (5.28*4.45*h2.99in)
Weight117g (4.13oz)
MaterialPotter's clay

This is a handmade teapot. Therefore, the one you purchase is unique, and the figure, hue and pattern are not the same as shown in the pictures.
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